Rhino Platinum Shuffleboard table

Excellent addition to any game room, the Rhino Platinum shuffleboard table is one of our most affordable and best-selling shuffleboard tables. Shuffleboard is easy to learn and play for fun lovers of all ages. This nine-foot table comes complete with 8 discs (4 red and 4 blue) and a jar of shuffleboard table wax. Fast and smooth disc action is easy with the 94.38 “x 14” polyethylene coated solid playing surface. This laminated cabinet has pedestal legs with levelers that provide stable and level play. Keep a record of the score with the Abacus style score. This shuffleboard table comes with a limited 90-day warranty to complete the package.


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Features and specifications of the Rhino Platinum shuffleboard table:

  • Laminated cabinet provides subtle Victorian elegance
  • Coated with polyethylene 94 3/8? x 14? solid play surface pedestal legs with levelers
  • Abacus style score
  • 8 discs (4 red and 4 blue)
  • 1 pot of shuffleboard wax
  • Rhino Platinum Shuffleboard Table Weight: 162.8
  • Dimensions: 31? H x 24.25? W x 108.25?

Rhino Platinum Shuffleboard Table Reviews:

Although the Rhino Platinum shuffleboard table is one of the best selling shuffleboard tables available, we could only find one review and it was very negative.

“The table was damaged during the production process and they applied a transparent coating on the damage. The transparent layer was uneven, leaving the playing surface also uneven. Pucks did not slip as promised. The manufacturer contacted by a replacement plate was damaged and the new one much worse than the first. It is not worth the money. I bought a more expensive one from another company and I am very satisfied. Don’t waste your money! ”

Although it is a bestseller, we assume that this is due to its affordable price, since full-size units like these are more expensive. This low price perhaps due to inferior materials and construction. Because of these bad reviews and the lack of more information, we cannot recommend the Rhino Platinum shuffleboard.

Remember to consider the size of your play area when buying the best 12′ shuffleboard table. Some tables have a length of up to 20 feet and would be a big disappointment when you discover that it is too long for your room. Also, remember that higher quality is associated with thicker playing surfaces.


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