Mirror with jewelry storage

Have you ever entered a furniture store and admired the mirrors displayed, thinking how beautiful they would look in your room? Except that these may not be mirrors. Some are mirrors with jewelry storage. When talking about multi-functional furniture, these mirrors occupy a prominent place among the less conventional. I wouldn’t even say they came packaged with storage if I didn’t look.

Mirror with jewelry storage

The mirror comes with a stand. Jewelry storage is hidden behind the mirror and can be accessed by tilting the mirror. Tilting the mirror at different angles provides different angles of reflection.

A mirror with jewelry storage does not take up much space. In the bedroom, it will occupy only a few inches of floor space and is perfect even in small bedrooms where space is not abundant. These jewelry storage units come in a variety of sizes; There is one for each room size. If you have a large room, enjoy the luxury of owning an extra large jewelry storage cabinet.

It will bring a luxurious air to the room, making the room even more elegant than you imagined. The larger the jewelry storage, the more likely it is to have more compartments. This means that you get more storage for your jewelry and now you can sort all your jewelry by type and size. Smaller rooms work well with smaller jewelry cabinets.

When viewed from the front, mirror jewelry storage looks like a dressing mirror, as they hide the storage behind the mirror. A stable leg base supports both the mirror and the cabinet, and can tilt the mirror at different angles to see different parts of the body. If you have limited space in the bedroom, a mirror with jewelry storage can replace the dresser.

Use it to provide reflection when preparing and storing accessories in the cabinet behind the mirror. Other small personal items can go to the closet or bedside table. In a larger room, you can use it next to a dressing table. The additional mirror will give the room a greater illusion of light, illuminating the room and adding depth for a more spacious appearance.

Choose the best wall mounted jewelry armoire with mirror that has enough compartments for your storage needs. When the compartments are few, you will have limited space to store your jewelry. A rail installed in an empty part of the store provides a place to store long necklaces and things like scarves and ties. Other things to consider are drawers or cabinets and holders for rings and earrings. A spongy lining inside the storage provides sufficient cushioning and support for delicate jewelry and accessories. Some manufacturers wear silk lining, while others use cotton, rayon and other materials.

Use a jewelry storage mirror to keep all your jewelry in a safe place. Designed to take up minimal space in the room, this jewelry storage is well hidden behind the mirror and does not eat in the rest of the room space.


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